Monday, 31 August 2009

For relaxing times...

Noodles which used to cost £3 now cost £5. Train tickets that used to cost 80p now cost £1.20 Hostel rooms that used to cost £15 a night now cost £25. But you know, I can't complain:

That's me and a bottle of Suntory Whisky. It cost 494円, £3.50.

Today is wet and cold.

Which makes a change from the last few days which have been damp and hot. But yes, I had a cold, wet, lazy day, where I wandered around Ueon and Akihabara WHERE I FOUND SOME REAL NICE MOCHI:

Then I bought some whisky and came back to the hostel.

In a fairly exciting development, I've been invited to the JCP's 87th "Anniversary Lecture Meeting" on the 9th of September. Shut up, it will be more interesting than the name suggests~ Before that starts there will be an "Street Life Labour Discussion". Which seems to be one of these. It's nice to feel that my connection with the JCP won't end just because the election's over. I'll definitely get involved at Doshisha. Interestingly enough, according to one of my friends in the JCP, Kyoto, which is known for being all traditional and shit, is the most left leaning area of Japan. To have a go at amateur political sociology, it reminds me a bit of the of the American political situation versus the European one. In a young country like America, people cling to politics and culture that feels traditional, conservative, while in Europe where there is no question of historical infancy, progressive politics are not a threat to the national self-image. Or maybe it's just because Kyoto's a university town. Anyway, with another election coming up in July 2010, I'm going to paint the town Red. LOL.

Sorry for the slightly bitty blog. I'm going to drink whisky and read. Night!

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