Sunday, 30 August 2009


The Democratic Party of Japan have won at least 321 seats in the Diet, according to exit polls. Over 220 more than in the last election.

The Communist Party have won at least 13, but perhaps 14 seats, an improvement of either 4 of 5 from the 2005 election

The Social Democrats have won at least 2 more seats that last time.

I'm watching on the news as we speak.

It looks to be a good night for the Left, and for Japanese democracy in general.
Brilliant stuff!

I'll update this a bit later.

There are still 178 seats yet to be announced, I imagine these are the seats accorded to Proportional Representation, as in the Japanese electoral system 180 seats are voted by PR, while 300 are first past the post. I'm not sure when these will come through.


Also: Takeshi Kitano of Takeshi's Castle fame, is helping present the election. Which is pretty nice.

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