Sunday, 30 August 2009

Onwards and Upwards

I give up. There's no point in going on. I won't kill myself, but I'll have to seclude myself in the moutains. I mean, why go on when I can never in my life be as good as these men?

So I went to Harajuku today. Which was pretty good. Although I'm biding time until University starts. I really don't have the money to buy anything/go out drinking/clubbing/travel. I'm sure I'll meet up with my friends at some point, but for now they're difficult to get hold of. And it's pretty difficult to do any studying when staying in a hostel. Which is not a big deal. And I'm really glad I was around to be able to participate in a major election. But I do feel perhaps I was a bit eager to jump the gun and leave England, without enough thought about having time to spend with people in England/what I would be doing in Japan.

But things will probably pick up?

OH yeah, I was scouted, I think I'll be doing some modeling for some Japanese stylist next week? So that's pretty amusing. Maybe I'll take up Rockabilly dancing.

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