Monday, 24 August 2009

Kiss me goodbye and write me while I'm gone

Hullo everyone.
I'm Dom and this is my blog.
In the past I've had blogs about Japan/me being in Japan/ideas and thoughts on Japan, and a rather short lived blog about politics.
This blog will be about Japan, but also politics, but also anything else I would like to write to, hoping that the power of writing to an audience of tens doesn't go to my head. Probably pictures too.

I'm going to Japan for a year, where I will be studying at Doshisha University in Kyoto.
Before that I will be in Tokyo for a while then maybe Sendai/Matsuyama/Okayama/Kobe/Osaka? But maybe not. I only have my first two nights' hostel booked. So we'll see how that goes.

I leave tomorrow afternoon on the 13:45 flight out of Terminal 3.
I would say I'm excited, as obviously the prospect of a year abroad by myself is an incredible one. But I'm not sure if I am excited at the moment. It's all far less planned that usual - as in I haven't booked a hostel room for every single night of my travels with a clear and efficient path for seeing the most of the country in the most depth as possible - and I've not been thinking about Japan as much as I had been before my other trips. Which is clever considering I'm now in the middle of my Japanese Studies degree... Basically, I'm having a hard time arriving in Tokyo and living in Kyoto, so I'm far more focused on leaving London.

It's sad. I'm really going to miss people. I've had a great year meeting new people and getting to know some old friends better. And leaving people (and to a far lesser extend, places, and events - I wanna campaign in the 2010 General Election dammit!) behind, regardless of all the nice shiny Japan times ahead is, well a bit sad basically.

Sigh. I have people coming over for a leaving do in an hour or so, so I should go and do my hair and make up, put mini umbrellas in the cocktail glasses, prepare the aperitifs etc.

But yeah, watch this space, read things, and then maybe write things in the comments?
But also my email is dominiclmorris (at)
And apparently my skype is dominiclmorris. So add me, lol.

Big love <3<3<3

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  1. Have a lovely party Dom. I know that Heathcote and Ambar are on speeding train(s) toward you.
    Best of luck and times on your new adventure xx